Friday, May 9, 2008

A Passel of Pea-ness

Good hello.

Because I've been very bad posting something since being invited to join The Curio- and because I stumbled upon these today and they were all pretty terrific and I know Halo *totally* **totally** adores Pea Hicks.

And who could blame her? He has a good voiceover voice. I guess if I understood formants I could explain the texture of it a little better. It's sort of deep and boomy but soft and mellow and warm like a good strong cheese.

It's like Ricardo Montalban in a car commercial. It reassures you.
It is seductive. You deserve luxury. Fine corinthian leather seats.
Sample CD-Roms of strange instruments.

It's only logical to want these things- why settle for less?

And it's not entirely unlike the voice of Mark G. from the Evolution Control Committee. Another interesting fellow traversing these curious circles.

You must see his thimbletron sometime.

Pea's diction is as articulated, but not quite as toothy, as the guy from Emergency Broadcast Network. I really had no idea those were his real teeth. It's shocking- but the EBN videos are sweet. I'll post a few later. First, these-

This is fun.

I was looking for stylophones on YouTube but now I think I want one of these instead.
Of course Kraftwerk sounds great on it. But what about the Bee-Gees "Night Fever"?
I'll trade you my rusty old Roland SH-101 for it. No- you read that right.
Unfortunatlely it really is rusty.

And then there is this- which I've known about and wanted for a while. Now with the price drop and added goodies I really really want it- *almost* as much as the Mellotron sample cd rom some guy in the UK is, or was, selling at a slightly insane boutique samples pricepoint. Maybe I don't understand the economics of it or the plight of the sample monger really is horrific but when the samples cost as much as what you might pay- not for a pristine piece of gear, but something you could fix up. I'm not talking ebay prices. Those are superinsane. But Pea's new pirce for his cd is much more reasonable. I'd order it tomorrow if it were $50. That's all I've got. But his YouTube pitch was persuasive and I have an old Akai S2000 sampler I can use it with. So hurrah for salesmanship. I am still a few dollars short on getting it- care to go in halfsies with me, halo?

This- is also kinda tasty but most likely *not* for sale. I think it mgiht be the same synth that is all over really early Severed Heads recordings. It sounds cool. And in his coolness and generosity Pea made a sampled ensemble from some of it's sounds you can play around with if you are a user of Native Instruments Kontakt. Pretty nifty!

It looks like he is sharing other cool stuff too. like this-

So Happy Birthday, Somebody! But please, please Halo. No more fat baby pics!

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